McKnight District



The McKnight Neighborhood in Springfield, MA. was initially developed beginning in 1870 was highly successful initially, and became the home of many prominent area citizens, as well as being considered an integral component of the “City of Homes”, when that was the common designation for Springfield, MA.

More recently, since WW II, the McKnight Community has faced the challenges common to most urban American communities.  Unlike many such communities, however, McKnight has been fortunate in that it had a strong commitment from local people and developed community organizations, beginning with the McKnight District Improvement Association in 1957 that advocated for it, provided for continuity, and protected it from some of the worst problems.  This web site is sponsored by the Association as part of its effort to continue, support. and improve these efforts.

Often called one of the best-preserved streetcar suburbs in the United States, the Historic McKnight  neighborhood is an example of both an urban asset and potential unrealized.

Welcome to Historic McKnight - DEV. 1870

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